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Respite North West has its heart in Rochdale and the surrounding area. It is in Bury and Rochdale that we deliver the widest range of services.

Supported living, domiciliary care, residential services and day services are all available. We are able to respond very quickly to requests for all types of services.

The majority of supported living services and for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs are located within Rochdale, Bury and South Lancashire.

We are accredited suppliers to Rochdale MBC, Lancashire C.C. Bury MBC and Learning Disabilities Preferred Providers for Rochdale MBC.


Care Provided

Day Services

An individual day support package can be provided in any borough and will be specific to your needs and wishes.

Supported Living

Supported living enables you to choose who you live with, where you live and how you live.

Residential Care

We currently have 3 residential care homes open or in the planning stage.

Domicilliary Care

Domiciliary Care is also known as floating support or home help. Our support workers come to your house and work with you to meet your daily needs.