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Residential Care

We currently run 3 residential care homes open or in the planning stage.


A specialist home for four service users in Middleton on the Manchester / Rochdale border. Individuals with complex needs enjoy a large environment made up of upper and lower flats in one registered environment. We accept referrals for individuals who have a primary diagnosis of learning disability and experience mental health difficulties, cognitive impairment and or challenging behaviour. Staffing levels are individual and can be tailored to suits all needs including 1-1 and 2-1.

We have one current vacancy in an upstairs room.

Ashbrook (Smallbridge Rochdale)

Ashbrook Is a seven bedded neuro rehabilitation unit for people with acquired brain injury. Opened October 2014. At Ashbrook each resident is provided with an environment which can simulate their home in the community. Individually we provide a bedroom, bathroom, lounge / kitchenette and garden as well as communal areas for each person.

The service is all on one level and is fully accessible for individuals with all physical and mental needs. Advanced technology can also used in care planning and environmental controls.

The service is designed to maximise rehabilitation as soon as possible following catastrophic injury. We believe that this approach will pay dividends for the rest of the individual’s life.

Our service is managed and care is coordinated by a Registered manager, RGN (Registered general nurse) RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse) Occupational Therapist, Physio therapist and Neuro Psychologist. We also have our own consultant Dr Bhaskar Basu.

Residents will be medically well but unable to return to home due to their complex needs. Time limited intensive rehabilitation in a safe environment is designed to maximize well being whilst offering all the safeguards of a registered home environment.

For referrals call James Guy on 07775001239

Milton Street. (Middleton) opening 5th October 2015

Milton Street is an step down rehabilitation unit for nine people who have severe and enduring mental illness.

The service will help people to develop social and community skills and responsibilities through our group and individual programs.

Residents at Milton Street will usually be referred through CMHT and come from a hospital based setting. Many rehabilitation units require patients to be detained. If an individual is no longer detain able but is not ready for community living they can fall between services, either ending up in the community when not ready or placed in residential care without rehabilitative aims or adequate support.

The service will be led by 1st level qualified mental health professionals and residents will all have individual recovery focused programs based upon psycho social interventions.

Milton Street will work in partnership with our supported living team or your preferred provider when it is time to move on to community living.

The service is still under development and will open on 5th October 2015. We are currently accepting referrals and are happy to come to your team to present our model for successful re integration and rehabilitation. 

The service does not accept referrals for individuals whose primary diagnosis is personality disorder or drug  / alcohol abuse.